‘It’s not as if it’s gonna change the world…’

How many times have you heard that expression? How many times have you uttered that phrase? Maybe you’ve been in a state of inspired bliss and have been excitedly sharing your plans with someone when all of a sudden you get a pang of doubt or ‘rationality’ and you say something like “Yeah, it’s not as if it’s gonna change the world or anything but I’m excited about it.”

As human beings we do have a tendency to downplay our dreams and goals. We’re easily pulled down from our mountain of euphoric bliss when someone maybe doesn’t quite seem to catch our fire… and we often feel the need to say something derogatory disguised as something a regular human being would say: “It’s not as if it’s going to change the world or anything.”

Here’s the deal though: changing the world is a lot less fucking difficult than people will have you believe. In fact, changing the world is probably the easiest thing you could ever do. You disagree? Oh, I’m sorry, maybe you’re right. I got carried away a bit I suppose. I’m just excited about a crazy idea I had… It’s not like it’s gonna change the world or anything.

Yeah, that’s how it often goes. But let’s think about it. If one unknown, unfamous, uninspiring, regular run-of-the-mill guy does something normal, common and uneventful like say… he stops smoking. Will anyone notice? Will the world notice? I don’t think it would make the news headlines in any part of the world do you? Does that mean the nicotine kicking protagonist hasn’t changed the world? Fuck no. If today there are one billion smokers in the world and one guy decides to quit then that guy has just shifted the paradigm. He’s changed the stats. He’s reduced the population of smokers by one. He’s changed the fucking world no matter what way you look at it. He’s changed the revenue stream of the shop where he normally buys his cigarettes. He’s changed the revenue stream of the cigarette company. He quickly finds something better to spend his money on which will increase the revenue stream for someone else. He quite probably takes up a new hobby to keep his mind from going to that sweet nicotine daydream of longing…

Let’s say he joins a gym as his way of keeping the monkey off his back. What’s going to happen when he joins a gym? He’s gonna meet new people and make new friends. He’s going to increase the number of people in the world who have gym memberships by one. He’s changed the fucking world again. Then let’s say he stops drinking alcohol because after one beer he always finds himself looking for a cigarette. He’s just reduced the number of people in the world who consume alcohol by one. He’s changed the fucking world yet again! This guy is on fire!! Let’s take it further… He decides that he’s going to take all the cigarette money he’s saved and spend it on the holiday of a lifetime. He goes to Australia, meets the love of his life, falls in love, marries her, they have two children (twins) and he becomes a citizen of Australia. Sweet Jesus… the guy’s only gone and increased the population of Australia by three, and he’s increased the number of sets of identical twins in the world by one! What a fucking legend!

All that from stopping smoking…

Don’t ever tell yourself that you’re not going to change the world. Don’t ever let anyone make you feel like you need to dull your excitement, dumb your vision down, or dim your light low enough so it doesn’t blind anyone who’s stupid enough to look at the Sun without shades on. Everything you do changes the fucking world on a daily basis, on an hourly basis, on a minute by minute basis. You’re always changing the world because you are part of the world and because YOU are always changing.

If you’re reading this you’ve increased the number of people who read this blog by one. You’ve just changed the world. You’ve also connected with me on some level, thus forming a relationship of sorts and granting me some time in your thoughts. Congratulations – I wasn’t in your thoughts yesterday but today I am – you’ve just changed the world. Maybe you pass the blog on to a friend who you think might appreciate it. Your friend is so inspired that she lifts up the book she was working on; the book that she stopped writing because someone told her it was a waste of time and that it wasn’t going to change the world so why bother. She maybe finishes the book and becomes a best selling author. The world now has a new author and a new book, both of which didn’t exist in the public domain until the moment that they did. Congratulations motherfucker, you’ve just changed the world… the two of us have just changed the world… actually the three of us just changed the world – you, me, and the author who almost let a dumbass dissuade them from living out the very reason they donned a meatsuit and came to the planet.

Stop it. Stop minimising your importance. Stop it now.

Stop it. Stop playing down your worth. Stop it now.

Stop it. Stop believing that you’re plain, dull, uninspiring, and regular. There is no such fucking thing as a plain, dull, uninspiring or regular human being. Stop it now.

Stop it. Stop trying to dim your shine to accommodate the sensitive retinas of other people. STOP IT NOW.

You are loved. You are worthy of being loved. You are the reason love exists. The world changed when you first drew breath and it has changed with every breath since.

Namaste and goodnight, you beautiful burst of Divine light.

xx xx

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