You Gotta Endure The Traffic To Make It To The Freeway…

So I didn’t want to go to my Yoga lesson today. I just couldn’t be bothered cramming it in to an already busy day. It’s only my second lesson though and those are the days when you have to really commit and rise above yourself. I know all this but it still didn’t stop me from thinking “I’ve had a busy weekend. I deserve a few Tv hours.” Evil Rossy was playing those damn maracas again…

The beginning of any journey is the time when you have to be fully mindful and wholly committed to your path. Once you’re well on your way it’s easy enough to deviate to the left or right and still correct yourself to get back on course. Those first few steps though, they are super important. It’s difficult to correct your course if you don’t commit to those first few steps. I know in my mind that when I nail 12 consecutive weeks of Yoga lessons I will be firmly rooted on that path and the journey will feel a tad more relaxed for a while. It’s like fighting through traffic, intersections, and pedestrian crossings to get to that big stretch of freeway where you can hit cruise control and relax for a while. You can’t get to the freeway without first hitting the twisty little distraction riddled roads that lead you there. So for me, full attention needs to be on those first few weeks of learning any new skill. This is always where my resolve really gets put through the ringer.

Here’s how I managed to turn a simple Yoga lesson into a comedy sketch. I pulled up to the Yoga studio and parked on the footpath because I couldn’t see the huge car park right beside the building – my lower self trying it’s best to not let me focus. I returned a phone call I knew I should have left till later – more distraction. I got out of the car and almost got hit by a bus – still not paying enough attention. In the kerfuffle my phone fell under the bus and I was so embarrassed I just waited for the bus to drive on before looking to see what was left of my phone – embarrassment?! Jeez the lower self is really bringing out some vintage big guns. The bus driver stopped and said “I think you dropped something mate and I don’t wanna drive over it” so I got down on the road in my yoga shorts looking like a homeless street workout enthusiast (minus the ripped abs those boys own) and crawled under the bus to grab my phone – more embarrassment and I let out a little nervous chuckle this time. I did my best to not look in through the bus windows to see how many people got a front row seat to the one man show I was putting on – caring about other people’s opinions?! Jeez that lower self is fighting dirty today. I made it into the class, took off my jacket, laid my mat on the floor, smiled, and BREATHED…

The class was great. I felt I did better than I had done the previous week and felt like I was making progress. I came out of the class feeling fully focused, relaxed, and happy that I won this round of back and forward with Evil Rossy. So off I drove to pick up my girls from school, with an hour or so to spare, and up Pops Evil Rossy saying “A nice greasy Chip buttie would hit the spot now.” Sweet mercy here we go again. This time though, up popped my higher self, full of pith and vinegar after his nourishing Yoga session, and said with all the shock and gusto of Stewie Griffin “A chip buttie? After a healthy Yoga session?! Screw that, let’s go get some fruit.” Yeah, in your face lower self!

It sounds ridiculous when you write it down and read it out loud doesn’t it? But can you honestly tell me your life doesn’t go exactly the same way at least some of the time? The more time I spend making good choices means the less time I have to fight to make those choices. It’s like the old story of the young Indian Brave asking the old wise Chief how to learn self control and defeat the conflict inside himself to become a true warrior. The wise old Chief said “Every man has a conflict, like two dogs fighting inside him – a white dog and a black dog.” The Indian Brave asked “Which dog wins?” and the wise old Chief answered “The one you feed the most.” It’s that simple. Feed the good desires, the good habits, the healthy choices; and the darker, less healthy, less productive options will slip away from your line of sight. If I hadn’t went to my Yoga lesson this morning I would have been super pissed off at myself later on, and I would have went and eaten that greasy Chip buttie for sure – because my bad choices always lead to more bad choices. You gotta get it engraved into your mindset to hold the line at all times. If you let go in the small fights you’ll find the bigger fights impossible.

Already I can tell that Yoga challenges me way more than any other physical activity I’ve taken part in. It also relaxes me and makes me feel connected and light. It’s a strange brew indeed but I know I’m falling in love with it and that’s enough for me to keep on dragging my ass off the sofa and away from the Tv.

That Chip buttie will keep till tomorrow when it’s Recording Studio Day – working with musicians is just a minefield of bad steps…


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